Icelandic Narwhal Cushion

Since my beloved is a big fan of Iceland and narwhals, I decided to combine the two and make a cushion cover for his favorite cushion with an embroidered pattern featuring Icelandic embroidery and narwhals.

Icelandic narwhal embroidered cushion cover

The pattern comes from the book Traditional Icelandic Embroidery by Elsa E. Gudjónsson. However, I did not use wool, rather, I shopped my stash and used 25-count linen and stranded cotton thread.

Traditional Icelandic Embroidery by Elsa E. Gudjónsson

The pattern had peacocks, which were replaced with narwhals (besides, how Icelandic are peacocks?)

Icelandic peacocks?

I used the long arm cross stitch or gamli krosssaumurinn. I followed the tutorial in the Piecework Magazine article by Justin Allan-Spencer (February 2020.)

Long-armed cross stitch instructions by Justin Allan-Spencer in Piecework Magazine article.

Once the embroidery was finished, I used an old shirt and a left over piece from a bed cover to make the rest of the cushion cover. I even made piping! I originally wanted to put an invisible zipper but realized that it was too small for the cushion, so I ripped it out and put in buttons instead.

Homemade pipping or rather “artisanal” piping.
Well, at least now I know how to put in an invisible zipper.
The buttons for closing the cushion cover.

I learned a lot, specially the sewing skills required to make the cushion cover.

Cushion cover in use.

And like they say in Iceland, bless bless!


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