EGA Seminar

I’m a member of the EGA (Embroiderers’ Guild of America) and I attended 2022’s National Seminar in New York City.

EGA’s 2022 National Seminar.
Mercedes seeing the samplers for the first time in three years.

At the seminar I met up my dear cousin Sandra that lives in Florida and is an EGA Member-at-Large and my Calado de Cartago teacher, Mercedes Lopez.

Mercedes has been teaching me Calado de Cartago (Cartago openwork or drawn thread work-see here for more info) via WhatsApp for the past three years. This was the first time in those three years that we’ve been able to see each other.

Mercedes gave me a book profiling different embroiderers from Cartago by Lina Rodríguez

During the Seminar we took a class with Jane Nicholas, her Japanese Cherry Blossoms. They were a motive of three cherry blossoms in goldwork.

Here I am working on the Japanese Cherry Blossoms by Jane Nicholas
Myself, Jane Nicholas, and Mercedes

It was a great time, catching up with friends who live far away, learning new things and meeting new stitchy friends.

I did finish the project at home.

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